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Connecting Independent Solutions to Achieve Greater Results

With the ever-changing world of technology, choosing the right solution can be a challenging, even dauting task. At MatrixPOS, we make it easy by helping you choose the right solutions for your business.

Matrix is owned and operated by Matrix Integrated Solutions Ltd., a Canadian Company originally founded in 1992. With over 25 years in this discipline, our expertise is unmatched. Since its beginning, Matrix has been helping operations, just like yours, find the right solution to meet their goals.

The difference between Matrix, and many other system suppliers is simple: We partner with the best solution providers on the market. We do not build and focus on a single “one size fits all” solution.

We are a dedicated team that is customer focused. We take great pride in our ability to service and support our greatly diversified customer base. Our accomplishments are measured by the success of our customers.

Brian Hall

CEO and Founder




To constantly encourage creative ways to use technology in order to achieve growth by allowing our customers to benefit from these unique solutions.


At Matrix, we strive to support and service all solutions with pride and conviction.


  1. At matrix, our environment is one that inspires imagination and ingenuity in our team allowing them to create advance solutions.
  2. As a collective mindset, we are constantly looking for ways to unite elite technological solutions to form synergistic results.
  3. Our growth is premised on the acceptance and adaptation of our unique solutions by our end users, allowing them to profit and grow as a result.
about us
about us



We Partner with the industry’s most experienced technology providers. Providers that have proven that their solutions are the best on the market.

Experience is important – and hard to find these days. No matter what your plans or challenges are we have likely crossed a similar or even the same requirement in our journeys with earlier operators over the years.

We Partner with you, to help bring these solutions to your operation. We want you to be able to benefit from our many years of experience in working with these providers to find the best path to meet your needs.


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