POS Addons

Add functionality to your POS System…

Matrix works with some of the best products in the industry designed to extend the functionality of your point of sale system. Contact us to find out how to get these great solutions working for you.

Inventory Control

Optimum Control offers a selection of inventory control products designed for every hospitality environment. Designed to work with your Squirrel Point of Sale solution, talk to your Matrix representative to select the Optimum Control product that is right for your operation.

Kitchen Display

QSR offers kitchen display system options for every restaurant environment and budget. Their proven kitchen management solutions are used in thousands of locations, interfaced with more than fifty point-of-sale systems.

Surveillance & Security

Protect what’s important to you with surveillance and security products from Matrix. We have selected surveillance products that are ideally suited to restaurants, bars and retail establishments.

Enjoy the many advantages of a digital surveillance system:

  • Capture and manage visual information from any location in or around your business at any time of the day or night.
  • Real-time access to your information.
  • Remote access to your information.
  • A variety of camera models to support the highest resolution and withstand outdoor conditions.
  • Digital video recorders (DVR) allow you to store more information with less space.
  • Manage your risk even when you’re not in the building.