Table Service

With deep roots in the restaurant industry, both Matrix POS and Squirrel Systems have significant experience in the table service restaurant arena. Casual, family, fine dining, pub – we have the point of sale technology solution that will fit your operation, help you provide a high level of service to your guests and provide you with the management information you need to make decisions about your business.

Squirrel POS has a feature-set that has evolved over time with input from customers, resellers and staff members – many of whom come from the restaurant industry.

Fast Casual

If you operate a Fast Casual operation and are part of the fastest growing segment in the foodservice industry, a Squirrel POS system is a perfect fit for your operations. A variety of features are available to efficiently serve your time-crunched guests.

Many restaurants are moving towards a Flex Casual model where counter service is provided at lunch with table service at dinner. With Squirrel POS, it’s easy to use multiple operational styles on the same system and you’ll be able to report on each revenue center to determine how each area of your business is performing. The flexibility and efficiency you gain will help you concentrate on providing a great customer experience.

Nightclub & Bar

Whether your establishment is a busy stand-up bar, offers table service, or is a combination of both, you can work with Matrix Integrated Solutions to design the solution that best fits your operation.

In a nightclub or bar environment, it’s important to have the right tools to provide effective customer service and efficiently keep track of orders and payment information at the same time. Functionality like integrating your POS system with beverage control and flow metering systems is available to improve your profitability.


Hotels have unique requirements – often operating multiple service styles at a single location. Integration with hotel property management system to allow posting of restaurant and bar charges to guest folios is essential.

Squirrel’s POS solutions cater to hotels of every size. Whether you’re a boutique hotel, a busy downtown hub, a motel on the interstate, or a five-star beach resort, Squirrel’s scalable systems ensure VIP service for every guest.

What is the most important feature of Squirrel’s hospitality POS solutions for hotel properties? A Property Management System interface that allows you to settle checks directly to guest folios — tracking your guest charges is that much easier!

Your Squirrel system can even be used to operate every foodservice revenue center on your property, including restaurants, coffee shops, bars, nightclubs, lounges, room service, banquets and retail.


Whatever type of retail operation you’re running – SAM4s has the point of sale technology solution to help you take care of business. Matrix Integrated Solutions has selected SAM4s because of their longevity in the industry, their focus on consistently producing quality, purpose-built hardware that can withstand the rigors of your business and their attention to delivering cost-effective solutions.