Optimize Your Kitchen Performance with Kitchen Display Systems (KDS)

QSR Automations

With over 70,000 installations worldwide, QSR Automations is the leading kitchen display systems provider in the industry. Provide an even better guest experience with effortless kitchen operations that will give you a clear view of every order.

What is a Kitchen Display System (KDS)

KDS is a system that specializes in improving the back-of-house operations through the use of monitors and a display system that is integrated with the POS. Each station in the kitchen will have a monitor that is used to display items rang in through the POS that need to be prepared by the respective stations. This automated systems eliminates the need for printers and papers. 

Coursing Manager

Group course items such as table service, drinks, and desserts giving you the ability to send items in one chunk so that items are delivered to customers when they should be. 

Cook Times

Cook times are managed so that food items with shorter and longer cook times are balanced, ensuring that the food arrives to the customer at the appropriate time.


Reduce training costs, secure and search for restaurant’s recipes, track nutrition and allergy information with the help of a recipe viewer. 

Basic Routing

Route specific food items to appropriate kitchen stations such as fryer, grill, or pantry. Routing ensures that food is moving in the right direction.

Delayed Routing

Delay items with shorter cook times to make sure that all food items can be ready at the appropriate time and are fresh when delivered to the customer. 

How They Work Together

The KDS is connected with the POS so that orders taken front-of-house by the POS can be displayed back-of-house by the KDS for a seamless integration.

QSR Automations and Squirrel Systems Integration

Get the best in class KDS with ConnectSmart® Kitchen​

ConnectSmart® Kitchen is a back-of-house solution that improves kitchen workflow and communication by integrating the KDS with the POS. With lower ticket times and faster table turns you will be able to provide an overall stress-free kitchen and keep pace during peak hours.

  • Less chaotic kitchens
  • Blend in-store and off-premise orders
  • Reduces ticket times
  • Reduce Paper costs
  • Increase food quality and order
  • Fully customizable

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